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Our Nation, Our Stories - Inde...

From - 14-08-2021 23:40     To - 15-08-2021 00:15


E-Satwat is celebrating 75th Independence Day with the theme of 2021 - "Nation First, Always First". Here you can share your stories/experience/Love towards your nation. So, Come and join us to celebrate.

Let's Talk with SRA every Sund...

From - 25-07-2021 09:00     To - 25-07-2021 10:00


Heart to Heart Talk is so valuable yet so under-valued. It’s more important than you think. Conversation is a powerful thing. The more we talk, the more we bond. The joy of connecting & making new friends is one of life’s great rewards. And by connecting with others, we become bigger than ourselves. Without conversation, relationships die. It the mixing bowls that great ideas emerge from. It can make us laugh, can be fascinating, and can cheer us up. When someone takes the time to listen to you, they demonstrating appreciation for you. They may not agree with you in everything, but value your perspective. Each one of us is a variety of personality & experience. New perspectives help us appreciate different points of view, and see the world in a way we couldn’t have on our own. When hurt creeps into a relationship, talking it through puts you on the path to healing. When overwhelming thoughts are bouncing around inside your head, conversation is the best way to let them out and make some sense of them. There are lots of opportunity to learn, but in conversation we can ask questions and explore things we don’t know about.

So, Join with us and feel The Joy of Talking 

World Music Day - 2021

From - 21-06-2021 15:55     To - 21-06-2021 17:05


Fete de la Musique which is also known as World Music Day. This day was celebrated in Paris in the year 1982. Till this date it is celebrated in more 120 countries. There is nothing in the world without music where it helps to relax our mind as well as body. With the beats of the music, we move our body and enjoy the music with wholeheartedly, lifting up your moods.

21st June is celebrating as World Music Day. Ms. Snehal Malgundkar, Mr. Gurprit Singh Hira aka GP Hira, Mr. Shivam Singh aka E-Shiv and Mr. Rahul Vijay Prakash, the young performers showcasing their performance for us. 

So, join with us to feel yourself. Lift your mood up and enjoy the sound. Register now for the event. E-Certificates will be provided to active participants.

International Yoga Day - 2021...

From - 21-06-2021 07:50     To - 21-06-2021 09:10


The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling our mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful life. It helps manage stress, anxiety, increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone and keeps you relaxing. It improves respiration, energy and vitality. Practicing yoga might seem like just stretching, but it can do much more for your body from the way you feel, look and move. 

21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. So, Join with us to feel yourself. Rebuild and rejoy your life. Register now for the event. E-Certificates will be provided to active participants. 

World Environment Day Talk Sho...

From - 05-06-2021 16:30     To - 05-06-2021 17:30


People and the planet are only as healthy as the ecosystems is.  We all depend on our ecosystem. But due to degraded ecosystems the whole world is suffering. To get back the ecosystem to life by planting trees, cleaning up riverbanks and simply giving nature space to recover, we can increase their benefits to society and biodiversity. Without reviving ecosystems, we cannot achieve the Sustainable ecosystem. To spread the awareness we have organized a talk show on " World Environment Day – 2021 (Ecosystem Restoration)”. Our Guest of the Day is Mr. Sagar Ananda Marathe (Asst. Prof. in K J Somaiya college of Science and Commerce in Department of Environmental Science). So, register yourself and be a part of healthy environment.